Lider'de Çalışmak

Lider Kozmetik offers prestigious experience and training opportunities for a successful career with 41 years of experience .

We are aware that the development of our employees whom are our most valuable asset, is the development of our company. In this direction, we give importance to the development of our employees through continuous trainings and effective career planning opportunities and prepare them for the top positions.

The main objective of our human resources policy is to become the most preferred company in every sector in which it operates by creating a working environment that gives excitement and pride to our employees, to ensure the continuity of employee satisfaction, which is the biggest factor in the continuous success of our corporation, to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies of the rising qualified employees of our company, which is customer-oriented, responsible to the society and who values the ethical values, always aims to win.

65% of our employees work as production staff and 35% work in technical and administrative fields.

We are proud to be one of the leading companies in our sector for the women's employment. 65% of our employees are female in our production, technical and administrative fields.

Join Lider Kozmetik family for a productive and enjoyable work environment.