In order to provide the best service to our customers and to provide high level of productivity in production, the performance of our production and service system is continuously improved with the participation of all employees together with senior management.

Lider Cosmetics is committed to complying with national and international standards and regulations at all times GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations to increase quality within the product and in our activities while also minimizing the impact on the environment.

With a team of 14 people including 1 input quality control, 5 process quality control, 1 tin can quality control and 1 responsible personnel, we strive to keep product safety and quality at the highest level in line with the process, procedure, instruction and quality specifications.

Quality Policy

  • In the cosmetic sector, to meet the demands and expectations of our national and international customers at the highest level and to maximize their satisfaction.
  • BRC CP & IFS HPC & GMP 22716 National and international standards and regulations in accordance with a quality management system, to ensure the effective use of Lider Cosmetic Products in line with our objectives and for their continuous improvement.
  • To provide products to our customers in a timely, desired quality and cost effective manner by providing and continuously improving product quality in R & D and production processes.
  • To provide the necessary trainings to employees who adore work, work ethic and constantly want to improve themselves.
  • To ensure that all our stakeholders are part of one system.
  • To be a continuously growing, leading company in the sector while also respecting the environment.
  • To produce products that meet customer requirements and specifications and to ensure the sustainability of these productions.
  • To fulfill legal requirements by fulfilling our environmental responsibilities.
  • Fulfill our ethical and personnel responsibilities.
  • Ensure product safety, quality and legality.