Since the establishment of Lider Cosmetics, which started its production life in aerosol field and whose roots go back to 1978, its aim is to represent our country with high quality brands in the best way possible and to take its place among the leading global players. For this reason, R & D never compromises on the principle of producing quality and competitive products in compliance with the international standards in a manner that does not harm human and environmental health, and its ensured by making continuous investments in R & D and production facilities.

From deodorant to liquid soap, from shaving foam to room odors, from hair spray to fly killer sprays in 4 major FMCG categories of home care, auto care, insecticide and personal care are produced in our production facilities which are equipped with advanced technologies and the carefully manufactured products are distributor in 102 countries in 6 different continents. Our brands and private label products meet millions of consumers.

For more than 30 years, we have been leading our local and global customers of the FMCG market with our strong and high quality brands such as Green World, Majix, ladybella, Aleda, Fawaris and Joker.